Full body picture of Dieter C. Dammeier standing in a suit.About Dieter Carlos Dammeier

As a prominent Employment Law attorney, Dieter Dammeier was one of the founders and Managing Partner of Lackie, Dammeier McGill & Ethir, which under Dieter’s management became the largest and most successful provider of employee representation in California, representing over 130 employee groups. After the Firm’s partners broke up and went different directions, Dieter now has had the opportunity to do what built his reputation in the first place, win cases for his clients. Dieter began 1989 as a police officer for the City of Cypress. He left Cypress in 1991 to work for the Claremont Police Department. Working full-time at Claremont, Dieter went part-time to college and then law school. He graduated in 1996 from Western State University College of Law in the top 5% of his class.

Dieter Dammeier, as an attorney for over 20 years, has fought tirelessly to get employees paid what the law requires. He has practiced at all levels of state and federal courts, from winning his first case, representing a union president in a retaliation case before a federal jury to arguing employment issues before the California Supreme Court and more recently, the United States Supreme Court. He now specializes in enforcing employee overtime rights and has worked throughout California litigating these cases, including obtaining several multi-million dollar settlements for employees. His initiation of the lawsuit of Flores v. City of San Gabriel has changed the landscape in overtime rate calculations, resulting in 100’s of millions being paid to employees in increased overtime pay.
He has been published in the Harvard Law and Policy Review; Fading Privacy Rights of Public Employees. He has appeared on every major news channel in Southern California and national networks, including CNN, Fox News and MSNBC, discussing and defending the rights of his clients.

Dieter has also been active in politics, traveling to Sacramento and Washington D.C. to lobby legislators to improve workers rights and assist in drafting proposed legislation to address these issues. Dieter has drafted two Bills which are now law, adding to the protection of California employees. He has testified before the State Senate on labor legislation and was a panel advisor to the Speaker’s Committee on Police Conduct. As a further example of his qualifications, Dieter has served and handled over 100 cases as a Judge Pro Tem in Los Angeles Superior Court and serves as a volunteer arbitrator for the State Bar of California.

It is this background and experience that Dieter brings to the table when representing his clients today.